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February 9, 20220
Talent. Experience. Power.


After spending years clerking and working for a multitude of firms across Texas, in a variety of different legal fields, Attorney Neill Nwoha honed a deep passion for reading, writing, and perfectionism.

While still in law school at the St. Mary’s University of Law, Mr. Nwoha was an exceptionally hard worker. And with an eagerness to gain as much practical experience as possible, he immediately began working at various law firms around San Antonio. Here are a few of the most notable positions he held while in law school:

  • City Attorney’s Office (Internship). During his first year in law school Mr. Nwoha was one of three students to be selected by the City Attorney’s Office as interns. While there, Mr. Nwoha shadowed prosecutors and was able to observe the mechanics of trial and court room decorum.
  • Gunn, Lee, Cave, PLLC. (Law Clerk). During his second year in law school he secured a prestigious position at one of the largest intellectual property law firms in San Antonio. While there, he learned the nuances and intricacies of Trademark filing, Copyright filing, and I.P. litigation.
  • Shaw Law, PLLC. (Law Clerk). During his third year in law school Mr. Nwoha clerked directly under Ronald J. Shaw (a renown civil attorney), of Shaw Law, PLLC. While there, Mr. Nwoha worked closely with Shaw on a number of legal matters. In doing so, he gained exceptional experience dealing with civil matters.

After graduating from law school Mr. Nwoha sought a higher challenge. Accordingly, he leveraged his experience and skills to acquire a prestigious position among the top-brass of the Thomas J. Henry elite. He was accepted to work under one of the twelve top lawyers employed by Thomas J. Henry, to work in their G4 division, and tasked with working up and assisting in the litigation of cases valued at million’s of dollars.

While at Thomas J. henry Mr. Nwoha outperformed and shined.  However, after two years of fighting for the clients under his teams care and gaining much success, he always felt as though he could be doing more for people.

Accordingly, he left the firm to start the Nwoha Law Firm.

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